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Favorite way to spend a Friday night
You’ll find me either finishing up the day's work doing some coding (I'm a programmer) or playing games online with my buddies from back home in Trinidad and Tobago.
Favorite way to stay fit
Les Mills BODYPUMP® and GRIT® all the way!
What I like most about group fitness
In group fitness, you're able to push yourself beyond that point you thought you couldn't go. 
Personal motto
Yes. I. Can. 
Advice to GroupFit newbies
Have a reason for coming. That will keep you coming back, even when it gets tough. I saw my grandmother suffer from not exercising. As she got older, the extra weight she carried was hard on her knees, and so she walked less. And the less she walked, the heavier she got. It was a vicious cycle until one day she couldn't walk at all. It took four of us to lift her outside -- she hadn't seen the outdoors in three years. In 2013, I was 50 pounds heavier than I am now and the only exercise I got was walking to the fridge. I wanted a very different life than my grandmother and knew I needed to make changes. I started teaching to hold myself accountable and to help others along their journey.