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Favorite way to spend a Friday night
Date night! Our go-to is dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and the latest blockbuster movie. Because I’m a grown up I like to eat dessert first (there’s never room at the end of a meal for it)! Or, sometimes, we’ll get together with friends for game night. I am VERY competitive, and so is my hubby, although he is probably more gracious about it than I am.
Favorite way to stay fit
CrossFit® mixed with BODYPUMP®. In addition to being a BODYPUMP® instructor, my husband and I own a CrossFit® gym.
What I like most about group fitness
We all suffer together!! 
Personal motto
If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
Advice to GroupFit newbies
Remember that your 100% will look different than your neighbor’s. Everyone has different goals and everyone is on their own journey. What’s yours? Friends that sweat together stay together!

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