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Favorite way to spend a Friday night
Friday night is family pizza and movie night. We love trying new pizza places...our favorite pizza places are in Flagstaff. (It’s a tie between Fratellis and Nimarcos). If you know a great local pizza place....please-do tell! Movies...We tend to enjoy watching the classics we grew up with, teaching our kids to appreciate the good stuff. Because, as we know, "Goonies never say die!"
Favorite way to stay fit
Group fitness of course!
What I like most about group fitness
I love the community feel, the fun atmosphere, and the friends.
Personal motto
I have two! It never gets easier, you get stronger; and let your smile change the world, but never let the world change your smile.
Advice to GroupFit newbies
Don't give up, we all start somewhere.

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“Love this place! Great studio with good choices for group fitness all week 😁”

Autumn T.

“Studio is beautiful, people are nice, cost is affordable, SH’BAM is the best!”

Jennifer M.

“Beautiful facility. Wonderful staff, instructors, and classes. It’s definitely a gym where you can actually get to know people on a personal level and feel right at home! Thanks for a great workout and looking forward to more!”

Cindy B.

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