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Favorite way to spend a Friday night
Staying in, doing puzzles, or catching up on TV shows! On the rare occasion I go out, I love going to karaoke!!
Favorite way to stay fit
Group Fitness (BODYCOMBAT, Cycling, BODYPUMP). I love lifting HEAVY! I also love family walks, hikes, and bike rides.
What I like most about group fitness
I love that with group fitness there's this camaraderie that you don't find a lot of other places. Yes, you can lift in the gym but only you know what you're going through! With group fitness, we're all in it together and we're all better for it at the end of class! You have a group of friends to share these post-workout endorphins with!
Personal motto
Be stronger than your excuses.
Advice to GroupFit newbies
Take it slow, listen to your body, and COME BACK AT LEAST 3 TIMES before giving up on a class! New formats are HARD. Very rarely does one fall in love with a format after the first time doing it. Give it 3 chances before you make a final decision about a format! Also, ALWAYS stretch and foam roll!